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29/01/2020 - Buoys deployment in Pointe-à-Pitre access channel (FWI)

Amazing pictures of GISMAN buoys during deployment operations in Pointe à Pitre (French West Indies).

Special thanks to Didier-Laurent Aubert.

Click here to see more pictures.


27/02/2020 - Recent achievement in Myanmar

GISMAN recently installed marine demarcation buoys in Myeik Islands area in Myanmar.

GB-2600-ECO polyethylene buoy is a cost effective solution that provides high visibility and low maintenance.

Contact us for more information!


01/07/2020 - World Marine Aids to Navigation Day

Today is the World Marine Aids to Navigation Day!

This is an opportunity to celebrate the importance of Aids to Navigation that ensure safety to mariners.


09/07/2020 - Achievement in Philippines

Installation in Philippines: GBP-1800 buoys.
Thanks to our local partner Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc.


16/09/2020 - Achievement in Morocco

New reference in Morocco for Casablanca Port Complex.

GISMAN recently supplied a comprehensive package of Aids to Navigation equipment:

modular polyethylene buoys, LED lights, AIS and monitoring system, traffic lights, as well as technical assistance for the design of towers (locally manufactured).

Installation and commissioning of the equipment has been carried out by our local partner: ANFAL.




22/09/2020 - Aquaculture in Japan

GISMAN also provides solutions for aquaculture applications.

This month in Japan, our local partner installed 1.25m diam. demarcation buoys for a seaweed farm.


11/02/2021 - Navigation buoys for Offshore Windfarm in France

GISMAN supplied in last December more than 20 demarcation buoys (3m diameter) for Saint-Brieuc Offshore Wind Farm.
We look forward to posting pictures of our buoys in operation in the next months to come ?

Watch Xavier Aubert's interview about Ailes Marines Project in Saint-Brieuc (France):


29/04/2021 - GISMAN buoy to study biofouling

Successful deployment of GBM-3000 buoy near Groix and Belle-Île-en-Mer islands in Brittany, for the future pilot wind farm.

A great local reference for GISMAN!


Thanks to France Énergies Marines for posting nice pictures and videos.

To learn more about the project click HERE.

france energies marine

19/05/2021 - Port of Calais, France

GISMAN is proud to have participated in the Calais Port 2015 project for the implementation of Aids to Navigation ?⚓️


Thanks to Bouygues Travaux Publics for their confidence in our solutions.

You can find their video on this major project HERE.

port de calais

21/07/2021 - Port of Tanger, Morocco

GISMAN realized and installed a two-light alignment for the Tangier Med 2 port in Morocco.

20/04/2022 - Port of Port-la-Nouvelle, France

GISMAN has installed 3 BFI as well as polyethylene buoys GBM-3000 and GBP-1800 in the Port of Port-la-Nouvelle.

05/05/2022 - Nav'Expo from 01 to 03rd of June, Lorient, Brittany

Come and see us at Nav'Expo, to be held in Lorient from June 1 to 3. We'll be delighted to share our know-how and experience with you, so that we can best meet your needs and expectations.

18/05/2022 - Port of Kamsar, Guinea

GISMAN has replaced some of the buoys in the inner and outer access channels to the CBG ore port at Kamsar. More than twenty GB-2600 and GBM-3000 buoys were installed.

10/06/2022 - Mooring buoys at La Ciotat, France

GISMAN designed and installed MB-3000 10 and 12m³ mooring buoys off the coast of La Ciotat, in the south of France.

04/08/2022 - Buoys marking up in Pattaya, Thailand

Installation of GB-2600-ECO polyethylene buoys in Pattaya bay in Thailand.

10/11/2022 - River marking up in Guyana

GISMAN works for the safety of all types of waterways! On this project, we delivered several GBP-1500 and GBP-1800 buoys with self-contained LED lanterns, to mark out a river in Guyana.

01/12/2022 - GISMAN launches its LED lanterns range

GISMAN is proud to announce the launch of its own range of latest technology lights!

From compact solar LED beacons to standalone LED beacons, with ranges from 1MN to over 14MN, this range is sure to satisfy all your signage needs!


What's more, you'll benefit from our long-standing expertise and French production facilities in Brech (56)!


Click HERE to discover our range.

03/03/2023 - A2NGO

GISMAN sells its lights all over the world, and its customers include government departments such as Lighthouses and Beacons and National Port Authorities.


The range of lights can be coupled with our A2NGO Supervision and/or Maintenance application, which enables cost-effective, real-time management and control of your navigation aid systems.

We invite you to discover these services by clicking HERE.

15/05/2023 - 20th IALA Conference, Brazil

Industrial and Historic Member of AISM, GISMAN will of course be present at the 20th IALA Conference, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, from May 27 to June 03.

We look forward to seeing you there!

05/09/2023 - Saudi Maritime Congress, KSA

Present both locally and internationally, GISMAN will be exhibiting this month at the Saudi Maritime Congress in Saudi Arabia.


Come and discover our range of lanterns and related applications!


Join us in Dammam, where we'll be pleased to welcome you on stand G44 on September 20 and 21.

06/11/2023 - Lighthouse of N'Gombé, Gabon

GISMAN carried out an installation mission on the N'Gombé lighthouse: a GFT-200 light and a GSA-8 were installed, along with solar panels and electrical boxes.

02/01/2024 - New collaborator

As part of the company's growth and the marketing of its new products, the GISMAN team is expanding!

Welcome to Erwan GAMBERT, our Bid & Business Development Manager.

Erwan will be delighted to meet your needs and put his know-how to work for you.