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Our expertise

GISMAN provides turn-key solutions and benefits from an extensive experience to meet the highest clients’ requirements

during survey, procurement and executive phases.

Full diagnosis and equipment survey

GISMAN provides its customers with assistance in the definition of marine and river Aids to Navigation to sustain safety requirements, and taking into account their major issues:

  • Keeping ahead of legislative changes and advances in technology for the implementation of new AtoN
  • Anticipating the vessel traffic trends with assessing the very real and potential degree of risks to specify the appropriate mix of AtoN
  • Planning and budgeting the strategic program of the AtoN system at a national level (provision and implementation)

Design capabilities

Thanks to in-house design capabilities, GISMAN provides custom-made fixed and floating AtoN solutions including:

  • Polyethylene buoys from 0.9 to 3.0m diameter, and articulated beacons
  • LED lanterns, leading and sector lights, and associated support structures
  • Data buoys: floating structures for data acquisition
  • Mooring buoys
  • Equipment for lighthouses 
  • Solutions for Inland Waterways

Project Management

Our Project Department manages customers’ requirements and enhances their satisfaction as regards to quality, cost and delivery time.


Manufacturing then provision of equipment on site

GISMAN products are manufactured in France and European Union, to exacting standards under strict quality control procedures.

We give the utmost attention to the delivery timeliness commitment to customers.


Installation and Commissioning

Upon request, GISMAN can provide highly experienced team to complete buoys deployment and installations of equipment in the most challenging site conditions.


Training of personnel and Maintenance of the equipment

  • Customers personnel capacity building through training packages provided by GISMAN’s staff:
    • Classroom instruction for basic AtoN training
    • Specific GISMAN on-the-job training
  • Maintenance and service schedule recommendations.
  • Spare-parts supply-chain implementation.
  • Assistance to management for human resources, workshops and associated logistical means.
training and maintenance