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Fixed Beaconing

GISMAN offers a wide range of LED lanterns as well as leading and sector lights solutions for ports and coastal beaconing from 1 to 30 Nautical Miles. All these lights can be supplied with custom-made support structures: towers, pylons and masts in marine grade aluminium, steel or GRP. Our activity is also dedicated to offshore structures beaconing by supplying explosion proof LED lanterns (ATEX certified), and our company has a proven experience with river banks marking system by supplying support structures equipped with specific dayboards made of retroreflective material.

Short range LED lanterns

  • 1 to 3 NM
  • 2 to 4 NM
  • 2 to 5.5 NM
  • 3 to 7NM
  • 4 to 7 NM

The M660 is a high-performance, long life, easy-to-use and cost effective self-contained solar LED marine lantern. It requires very low maintenance and can achieve a night range from 1 to 3NM @ 0.74T, to be calculated according to location and flashing character.




Le feu compact solaire M650H offre des performances optimisées et une faible consommation. Très simple d’utilisation et nécessitant peu de maintenance, il peut atteindre une portée de nuit de 2 à +4MN @ 0.74T, à calculer selon sa localisation et son taux de travail.




The VLB-5X (self contained or standalone version) benefits from a high performance battery and offers very low consumption to be used at high latitudes with high duty cycle applications. It can achieve a range from 2 to 5.5 nautical miles.




The self contained LED lanterns M850 and M860 combine a compact, high-efficiency solar engine with premium components and a rugged design for best-in-class performance. These lanterns are easy to use and require very low maintenance. It can achieve a night range from 3 to 7NM @ 0.74T, to be calculated according to location and flashing character.




The VLB-36 marine beacon (self contained or standalone version) uses an acrylic lens that maximizes the light capture from the LEDs. It can reach a range from 4 to 7 nautical miles.




Medium and long range LED lanterns

  • 6 to 14 NM
  • 13 to 22 NM
  • Leading light, up to 11 NM
  • Range light, up to 22 NM

The VLB-44 is a high efficient beacon with an acrylic lens that maximises the light capture from the LEDs. Its low consumption allows reducing the associated generator for solar supply. It can achieve a range from 7 to 14 nautical miles.




The VLB-92 is a long range beacon (white colour only) intended for applications requiring very high intensity and range. It can achieve up to 22 nautical miles.




The leading light VLL-43 includes an acrylic lens to capture and project the light from the high-powered LEDs. The LEDs are precisely graded and placed to produce a light beam with minimum variation in intensity. It offers a range up to 11NM.




The VRL-74 operates at high intensity, making it suitable for use as a lead or range light. With low power consumption and LEDs that require no maintenance, it is an ideal choice for remote sites and solar supply. It can achieve a range up to 22NM.




Sector lights

  • 360°
  • LED projector
  • Precision sector light (LED)
  • Precision sector light

This product is no longer available. Please contact us to receive further information on all around LED sector lights alternatives.


The VLS-46 is a high efficient LED sector light made of several projectors (red, green or white). It can be easily solar powered and offers a range up to 6,2NM by day and 25NM by night (with the Ultra version).




The PEL-4-LED is an energy-efficient precision sector light. It provides very sharp sector boundaries and impressive ranges from 4.7NM by day and 22.5NM by night.




The PEL-6 is a precision sector light which shows a different colour when viewed from different directions. It is used in situations where extreme accuracy is required, or where the mounting of a leading light is nearly impossible. It can achieve day range up to 6NM and night range up to 24.8NM.




Explosion proof lights

This lantern has been specifically designed for operation in hazardous gas areas. It benefits from LED technology and can achieve from 2 to 8NM with solar or mains supply.




Support structures

  • Metallic structures
  • Modular towers

GISMAN designs, supplies and installs a wide range of metallic structures in aluminium, painted steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel.



Metallic towers and masts

The GRP tower is made of modular elements easy to transport and assemble, without substantial lifting means, even on the most inaccessible sites.



GRP towers